Do Teen Athletes Need Protein Powder?

PPowderAdolescents who play sports are often interested in protein powder and shakes to help “improve their performance.”

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Raising Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids
Whenever I meet with parent groups, I often get questions not only about WHAT kids should eat (or not eat), but also about HOW to get them to eat healthfully; that is, instill healthy eating habits. Continue reading

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From Chef Adam Byrne: Of The Season – Time for the Holidays

TG Table Holidays bring family and friends together but it is the food that makes them stay. With that being said, the menu planning becomes a major priority. Continue reading

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Spotlight on Sustainable Seafood

Seafood Watch

October is National Seafood Month! As a school foodservice provider, Flik Independent School Dining prioritizes responsible sourcing, as evident by our longstanding relationship with the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.

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Sleep is Important for Healthy Weights in Children

child-sleeping 2jpg

We all know that sleep is important for people of all ages, but sleep patterns in childhood may set the stage for energy balance and overall maintenance of healthy weights.

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Understanding the Proposed Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Facts

Big news in the nutrition and health world recently!

Check out the New York Times summary on the proposed FDA changes to nutrition labels. Pay particular attention to the graphic highlighting the redesign as well as expert opinions. Any thoughts?

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Can Honey Help My Child’s Cough?

HoneyIt’s been a rough winter for much of the country thus far and a number of us have been plagued with bugs, whether a cold, cough, or perhaps even the flu.

Kids can be especially sniffly this time of year and many parents often seek home remedies for ailments.  Honey may be one such remedy.

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